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Choose wedding vows for your wedding

Wedding vows are the promises that couples make to one another in the witness of God, before they enter into life long commitment with each other. They have different ways in different cultures around the globe but hold the same essence at its core.

For an example, marriage vows are the central part of the time honored and solemn traditional practice. They are the heart of the sacrament of marriage and come as the final part of the ceremony. It’s the exchange of vows that makes a wedding official. Some choose to write their own one or get the traditional one supplied from the church. Doesn’t matter what ever be the choice a certain format is followed to ensure that whatever is necessary is said.

Choice of memorizing Wedding Vows

After deciding which form of verse to choose, next one can also think about whether to memorize the verses or to repeat it after the priest. The advantage of memorizing not only gives a richer symbol to the marriage but also in the saying the words makes one realize the deeper meaning of words of the verses, to understand depth, sanity, spiritual unbreakable bond that the institution of marriage holds.

If some one is not confident about to recall the wedding Vows correctly then the priest will say the verses and ask the couple to repeat it word by word though the Rite of Marriage actually does not suggest this.

Most couples decide to have a Wedding Songs or instrumental piece after the wedding Vows to add emphasis to the declaration of consent, though many liturgical strongly advise against it as it disturbs the flow and momentum of the entire rite of marriage. But a short and joyful musical acclamation is welcome.

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