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Custom Color Wedding Cake Topper and Blown Glass and Crystal Garland Decor 

 New 2012 Wedding Accessories have finally arrived at The Wedding Superstore! We have many new and unique wedding accessories, decorations and favors that provide the perfect finishing details for your dream wedding!

Crown Jewels in Black Beverly Clark Wedding Collection and Flower Petals Ring Pillow

Check out some of our new wedding accessories including: personalized wedding aisle runners and Photo Backdrops, Custom Color Wedding Cake Toppers, Beverly Clark Wedding Accessory Sets, Fleur de Lis Crown Wedding Favors, French Provencal Decorative Containers. Story of Us Guest Book Alternative and Memory Box, Decorative Glass Wishing Wells, Floral Petals Ring Pillow, Blown Glass Favors and Decorations, Crystal Garland and Jeweled Wedding Decor Accents for bouquets, centerpieces and invitations! CLICK HERE to check out all of our latest new Wedding Accessories!

Fleur de Lis Wire Crown Favors and Personalized Wedding Aisle Runner with Color Options

Wedding trends for 2012 are Vintage Old-World Glamour with a sophisticated and modern edge. Crystals sparkle everywhere in the seasons to come. Jewels adorn everything from the bride’s hair to invitations, candles, bouquets, chair covers, centerpieces and even the wedding cake! Ornate detailing and French Inspired accessories are also a hot trend for wedding decor. Personalized accessories from centerpieces, guest books, table numbers, aisle runners and photo booths are big, as well as anything related to the royal wedding, from bridal hats and fascinators to lots of lace and long sleeves for bridal fashion inspiration.

 Celebration Peonies Wedding Decor in Various Colors and Damask Filigree Cupcake Wrappers

  French Provencal Mini Pitchers and The Story of Us Guestbook Alternative & Memory Box

 Personalized Silver Calla Lily Toasting Flutes and Acrylic Diamond Confetti Table Jewels

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Having a Fall Wedding? Let the gorgeous reds, oranges and yellow colors of fall be your inspiration in planning your fall wedding theme favors, accessories and decorations:

The Colors of Fall - Inspiration Board

Leaf Wine Stopper

Mini Wooden Birdhouse

Organza Drawstring Bags

Modern Round Tree Stationery

Venice Gold Serving Set

Fall Leaf Candle Set

Eco Mini Drawstring Bag Made of 100% Organic Cotton

Mini Garden Shovel

Mini Campfire Candles

"Love is Friendship Set on Fire" Card

Fall Leaf Printed Napkins

"Today I Marry My Best Friend" Ribbon

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Tips on How to Choose Classic Wedding Songs

Wedding songs are the most essential and moving part of the wedding ceremony. It plays an emotive role to create the mood and atmosphere required for a wedding ceremony. There are large collections of wedding songs that are available in any nearby music outlet or online. You can select the song on the basis of certain attributes. These include your preferences for the song, its relevance to the wedding theme and the popularity of the song.

You can research and find out information about the most popular collections of the wedding songs. These will also offer you some wedding poems and wedding vows along with the collection of wedding songs.

You can compile all the songs ranging from classics, romantic love songs to hip hop songs. You could choose any of these genres of music to be played for the occasion. Majority of the people prefer to go in for the latest popular hip hop and party songs for their wedding. Some songs are though themed like a father daughter song, a couple song or a mother son song. However, you can opt for a combination of these latest popular songs and classics. It would be very enjoyable for all wedding guests present in the event.

You could either hire a musical band or the DJ to play the songs selected for the ceremony. Select a song that would make it a very pleasurable event of your life.

Guidelines to select the perfect classic wedding songs for the ceremony:

• Consult your musical band or DJ while selecting the song. This will help you to ensure that the band is familiar with the song selected.

• The song selected should be relevant to the wedding theme

• Select the song that would be relevant for a particular ceremony such as first dance or father daughter dance

• You should select and compile all the songs to be played for the occasion

• Check out the lyrics of the song before selecting it

• Don’t be afraid to include classics in the songs for the wedding. It would be equally enjoyable for the audiences across all age groups.

• The song selected should be equally enjoyable to the audiences of all age groups.

The important guidelines mentioned here will surely help you in the task of selecting the best classic wedding songs.

Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Wedding Songs For Dinner

Wedding Songs are the essential aspect for setting the mood for the event. You should take into consideration the wedding guests and select a song which would suit audiences of all age group. The music selected should be enjoyable for all the guests present for the event.
There are many websites providing information about the most popular collection of dinner wedding songs. It will also offer you some useful tips which will help you in the task of selecting the best dinner songs and make it an unforgettable event of your life.
You can also take advice for selecting the best dinner wedding songs by consulting a DJ or your wedding planner. Another excellent option is to consult your family members and friends for selecting the best songs for the ceremony.
You should opt for upbeat songs for the dinner party. This would avoid the guests feeling sleepy and enjoy the event. If you are opting for a musical band, after selecting the song it is necessary to check out whether they are familiar with the songs you have opted for the ceremony. You can also provide them the opportunity to select the collection of songs to be played for the occasion.
The best option is to select the instrumental song as your dinner wedding song. These instrumental songs can be used as a background music which will help the guests enjoying the music without any distractions and communicate with each other easily.
You can also opt for different genres of music for the wedding. This would help in satisfying all the wedding guests present on the occasion. If you are opting for different genres of music then preferably begin with contemporary or jazz music.
The songs which have vocal sounds should not be selected as they would distract the guests and the sound of the song should be minimal. This will help the guest to enjoy the music or socialize.
Once you have selected best collection of wedding songs for the dinner party then you should listen to the songs before playing it on the occasion. This will help you to find out whether the song is suitable to be played for the occasion and would be enjoyed by the guests of different age groups.
The details provided here would surely help you in the selection of the popular dinner wedding love songs.

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Choose Wedding Song For First Dance

It is a very difficult task to select the best first dance wedding songs. You can either opt for selecting a romantic song or song which is connected to your lives. There are many different varieties of popular songs that are available for first dance.
This first dance is when the couple took to the dance floor and danced for the first time as husband and wife. You are eagerly waiting for this special moment in your life and are a bit tensed about your dancing ability. Hence it is necessary to select the best first dance wedding songs to make it the most memorable event in your life. Majority of the couples opt for classic romantic wedding love songs.
Some remarkable information and useful details which will help in selection of first dance wedding songs are mentioned below:
• The wedding songs usually selected for the first dance are romantic songs. While selecting the song, you should select a song which is not too long. Ideally the song should be in the range of two to three minutes. If you opt for songs longer than three minutes, it would be boring for the wedding guests. Hence it is necessary to keep it short and also let the wedding guests enjoy the party.
• You should also check out the lyrics of the wedding song before finalizing it. For this you have to listen carefully to the lyrics of the song and also consider its meaning. The song selected should be a bit slow and melodious. If the lyrics are not as you wanted then you can also opt for instrumental version of the song.
• Besides these while selecting the song, you should also check out whether the song would suit your individual personalities and would impress the wedding guests.
• Another excellent alternative is to opt for first dance wedding songs which describe about the beautiful relationship and love you have for each other.
• Practice dancing on the song selected for the first dance. Sometimes, during the dance, you might forget a step as you have practiced. In such a case, you should not stop dancing and enjoy your first dance.
• You can browse the internet and get information about the popular wedding songs for first dance. They also offer top collection of wedding songs for different occasions which can be selected after listening to a free trial. You can also hire DJ or band to play the song or can consult them about your song selection.
• If you are hiring a band, check out whether they are familiar with the song you have selected. In case they are not aware of the song, provide them with the necessary details.
• There are many different varieties of first dance songs such as country music, classic romantic, unique or non traditional songs. You can select a song as per your individual preferences.
Thus, the details mentioned above will help you to select the best first dance wedding songs for your first dance and make it a memorable event.

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Featured in this photo are our all new Personalized Goodie Bags by Weddingstar!

The coffee bar is a unique twist on a simple buffet, that is perfect for a winter wedding. Guests are offered a range of different coffees and desserts to enjoy. Popular items to include are:

• Different types of coffee (espresso, lattes, roasts, cappuccino, etc.)
• Different coffee flavors
• Unique coffee toppings or mix-ins such as whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, chocolate sprinkles, assorted flavor shots, chocolate dipped spoons, crushed peppermint
• Cool iced coffees for summer events
• Coffee-compatible desserts such as biscotti, mini donuts, muffins, scones, cookies, coffee cake or tiramisu for more gourmet desserts

Featured here are the Cone Shaped Cellophane Bags and “Swish” Cup and Saucer Sets by Weddingstar

In addition to different types or flavors of coffee, it's a good idea to include other beverages as part of the coffee bar, since not all guests will enjoy coffee. Hot tea, hot cider and cocoa are the most popular choices.

Wedding coffee bar ideas are a nice touch to tide guests over between the ceremony and reception and are also suitable for a brunch reception or as part of the wedding dessert bar or coffee and cake reception.

In addition to a coffee bar, there are many ways to be creative or coordinate your wedding to a coffee theme. Some ideas include:

• Coffee brown wedding accessories, bridesmaid dresses and decorations
• There are many coffee theme wedding favors such as heart-shaped coffee scoops, coffee scented candles, mugs or personalized bags of coffee or goodie bags
• You can even include coffee/mocha flavoring in the wedding cake

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Importance of Wedding Song

Wedding Song is very much important for wedding.
It feels colors for wedding life.
List for wedding songs -
Mother Son Wedding Songs
Party Wedding Songs
Introduction Wedding Songs
Father Daughter Wedding Songs
Wedding Love Songs.

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Top Collection for Wedding Party Songs

A wedding party songs are very important aspect in your wedding ceremony. It is essential to select good songs for the ceremony to make it the most memorable event. Selecting an appropriate wedding party song is a very important task while planning a wedding.
However, while selecting you have to take into consideration some important aspects which are mentioned below:
• The party wedding song selected should clearly portray the couple’s personalities. There are a wide range of wedding songs that are available in different genres such as traditional, hip hop or rock.
• You can browse different websites and collect information about the popular wedding songs which can be played at the wedding party.
• You should also take into consideration the preferences of your wedding guests while selecting the song. The song should impress the guests and motivate them to dance. Opt for the popular songs or songs which the guests would be familiar with.
• You can opt for hiring a band or DJ. Consult about your song selection with your DJ. Motivate your guests to make song requests to the band or DJ and play it for them. This active participation would make the atmosphere lively and enjoyable for your guests. Another option is to opt for the songs which are call and response ones. This will also encourage participation of the audience.
• If you are opting for a DJ or band then you should select the wedding songs to be played in advance and also inform them. The wedding guests consist of people belonging to different age groups. Hence the songs selected should accommodate these different age groups.
• The song selected to be played in the beginning should be a fast track. This will encourage the audience to start dancing and enjoy the wedding party.
• Arrange for back up plans such as arranging for extra CDs of the songs selected or make arrangements for iPods. These arrangements will help you in case any technical problem arises and end your party before it gets started.
• Listen to the different selection of the songs and prepare a list according to genre or type of music that you would prefer to be played at your wedding party. Prepare separate list of different genres of music such as classic, romantic and rock songs. Once you have prepared a separate lists sort out the best songs among them which you prefer to be played. You should also decide the order at which it has to be played.
• You should play the wedding party songs as you have decided. Make sure to have a back plan also in case someone asks for a change, different kind of music or song to be played. So, it is essential to consider your guests while preparing a list of songs to be played at the party.
Thus, the guidelines will help you to select the best wedding party songs and make it a most unforgettable event of your life.

Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Top Collections for Introduction Wedding Songs

The introduction wedding songs can be utilized in many different ways. These songs are to be played in the beginning of the reception. The songs should be selected in such a way that it should make it a memorable experience for the guests assembled at the reception party.
The introduction wedding song can be either a classical wedding song as background music or can opt for any popular songs. There are many different varieties of bridal party songs and wedding songs. You can select the best one as per your preferences.
Some guidelines are mentioned here which will surely help to select the best introduction wedding songs:
You can opt for a wedding song from any popular bands, artists or songs. Besides these, there are two varieties of songs such as slow songs or upbeat songs which can also be selected. The special characteristic of the slow song is that it would help in creating an elegant atmosphere whereas an upbeat song will help in creating the atmosphere fun filled and with energy.
However, before selecting the song, you have to take care of some important aspects such as the lyrics and the length of the song. The song should not contain any offensive language. It should be suitable for people of all age groups present in the ceremony.
You should not select the wedding song just by seeing the title. Listen to the song before you make the final selection. The song made should be unique and should complement well with the theme of the wedding.
You can refer to different websites which will provide you information about the popular introduction wedding songs. They will offer you a list of all the popular collection of introduction songs which will make your selection and planning an easier task. Opt for songs which will make the atmosphere unique and special.
Another alternative is to hire a DJ. You can discuss your song selection with the DJ and then make the final decision.
Thus the information mentioned above would help you to select the top introduction wedding songs for your reception party.

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Photographs are precious memories preserved for the world to see. Each one captures a moment that can never be relived. If you are looking for a way to make your wedding more personal there are few things that can achieve it better than the incorporation of photographs. Here are a few ideas to incorporate photos into your special day.

Many couples choose to create displays that feature them in various stages of their relationship – treating the guests to a bit of their history. You can choose to incorporate something like "Our Story" Personalized Multiple Photo Frame (with 2 or 3 panels) at your guest book signing table or into your wedding centerpieces. Pictures of you and your guests will remind them of the good times you had together. Alternatively, if you are going for an intimate wedding, you could take a more romantic route and create photo stories of the couples in your life that represent the kind of relationship you would like to have. It's a great way to involve your guests in the wedding, and honor those who have set an example you would like to follow. It is also guaranteed to get your guests talking which is exactly the kind of atmosphere that is ideal for a wedding.

For a great alternative to a traditional wedding guest book, you can also incorporate a Framed Signature Photo Mat Guest Book and your photo will be surrounded with personally inscribed handwritten messages that can be enjoyed for years to come!

If you're looking for a wedding favor that will bring your guests fond memories every time they see it, how about a Miniature Heart Photo Frame with a sweet picture of the happy couple in it? Another option would be to instead include a photo of the guest and use the frame as both a unique place card and a favor.

Visit us at TheWeddingSuperstore.com for more ideas to create a picture perfect wedding day!