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Featured in this photo are our all new Personalized Goodie Bags by Weddingstar!

The coffee bar is a unique twist on a simple buffet, that is perfect for a winter wedding. Guests are offered a range of different coffees and desserts to enjoy. Popular items to include are:

• Different types of coffee (espresso, lattes, roasts, cappuccino, etc.)
• Different coffee flavors
• Unique coffee toppings or mix-ins such as whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, chocolate sprinkles, assorted flavor shots, chocolate dipped spoons, crushed peppermint
• Cool iced coffees for summer events
• Coffee-compatible desserts such as biscotti, mini donuts, muffins, scones, cookies, coffee cake or tiramisu for more gourmet desserts

Featured here are the Cone Shaped Cellophane Bags and “Swish” Cup and Saucer Sets by Weddingstar

In addition to different types or flavors of coffee, it's a good idea to include other beverages as part of the coffee bar, since not all guests will enjoy coffee. Hot tea, hot cider and cocoa are the most popular choices.

Wedding coffee bar ideas are a nice touch to tide guests over between the ceremony and reception and are also suitable for a brunch reception or as part of the wedding dessert bar or coffee and cake reception.

In addition to a coffee bar, there are many ways to be creative or coordinate your wedding to a coffee theme. Some ideas include:

• Coffee brown wedding accessories, bridesmaid dresses and decorations
• There are many coffee theme wedding favors such as heart-shaped coffee scoops, coffee scented candles, mugs or personalized bags of coffee or goodie bags
• You can even include coffee/mocha flavoring in the wedding cake

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