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Beautiful Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Various thoughts pass through a father’s mind when he prepares to get her daughter married. In such an occasion, the father looks forward to the delight he feels when he shares one last dance with his prized daughter, on a father daughter wedding songs, before she becomes a part of her husband’s life.

This part of the wedding cannot be overlooked as at many weddings the father daughter dance is followed by the groom taking his place at her side, representing the replacement of the father, as the protector and provider. Here are steps to choose the best most popular father daughter wedding love songs:

• Try to select a song that resonates with both of you. The father daughter wedding songs selection could be a standard wedding song or her childhood favorite song. The father daughter dance is likely to be a highly emotional moment in your wedding and the perfect song for this occasion could be an encouragement for the same.

• Find a song that is meaningful and has lyrics that relate to the relationship the bride and her father have with each other.

• A modest tempo song is best for this occasion as they might not be such good dancers and it is easier to dance to a slow song rather than a fast beat song.

• You need to choose a father daughter song according to the type of dance you will be sharing with him. If you are thinking on a two step dance, then choose a wedding song with a duple meter and if you want to do an elegant waltz then select a song in the triple meter.

• Though this is the time to savor the closeness between the bride and her father, you need to get the party started. For this reason, you have to select a short song as it is customary for the guests to clear the floor during the father and daughter dance is going on. That means you have to wind up the dance before your guests can get on with enjoying the party.

Choose your first dance wedding song

The first dance of the newlyweds is special not only for the couple but also the guests. The selection of the first dance wedding songs for this occasion reflects the personalities of the couple. The dance style and the song you chose creates a long lasting impression on the guests as this is the first thing you do as a married couple.

At such an occasion the parents of the bride and groom feel immense delight and joy to see their children in love. It is very common to choose a traditional style and select a love track on which the couple dances slowly and glides over the dance floor. Some couples eve take salsa or meringue dance lessons prior to their weddings so that they can dance well in front of the guests. However, remember that whatever style you choose to perform on ‘D’ day, you will not go wrong if you relax and be yourself.

Here are some steps you can take to choose your wedding songs first dance:

• The first and foremost step for choosing your own most popular first dance wedding song is to ask your would be spouse to choose a song for your first dance at the wedding which reminds him/her of you or of the relationship you share. Evaluate the songs he/she gives to see whether both of you agree on the same song and if it is suitable for your first public appearance as a couple.

• To make a list of all the first dance wedding love songs you are interested in, you can search the internet, the library or even ask your friends for popular songs you can play on your first dance.

• If possible you can play the songs your parents danced on at their wedding. Choose a song that has cultural, family or ethnic significance attached to it.

• Another way of selecting a good song for your first dance is to listen to romantic, danceable songs together. Listen to the complete songs or at least go through its lyrics before you finalize a song. You don’t want songs that have sexually suggestive lyrics to be played as your wedding songs first dance in front of everyone. This will be very inappropriate for a wedding reception where all your distant family members are also present.

• Ensure that the lyrics of the song lyrics are appropriate for the dance. If a band is going to play your song, you will have to decide if you want an instrumental or the vocal version of the song. Remember that even if you are playing an instrumental of a particular song, chances are that your guests might already know the lyrics of the song and hear them in their minds.

• Be sure of letting your band or DJ know about your choice before hand so that they can prepare for it in advance.

• Also make sure if you need to provide sheet music to the band of your wedding songs first dance and where you can purchase it. You might have to provide a recording of the song to the DJ.

• Think about taking dance classes together for your style of dance. It could be fun.

Mother Son Wedding Songs

Wedding songs are the most indispensable part of the wedding ceremony. The wedding songs should be changed as the ceremony progresses. They include popular wedding songs such as bridal introduction, first dance, interlude music, cake cutting, last dance etc. There are large numbers of popular wedding songs available. They are basically classified five categories and are enlisted below:

• First dance wedding songs
• Mother and son wedding song
• Wedding introduction songs
• Wedding party songs
• Bouquet toss wedding songs

Selecting the right mother son wedding song is one of the most crucial aspects of selecting wedding songs. It allows the mother of the groom to express their relationship, love, and also wish him a bright future. You can also opt for DJ i.e. Disk Jockeys to decide the popular wedding songs to be played at the Mother Son Dance.

The most popular option is to opt for classic and light hearted songs. You make this dance even more special by giving a gift to your mother after the dance. There is great confusion among the people about selecting the appropriate song for the Mother Son Dance.

Discuss with the groom about the songs appropriate for the Mother Son Dance and also check for its availability. It is a special occasion for the groom as it gives him a chance to honor his mother at the ceremony. There are different types of Mother Son wedding Songs available. They are as follows:

• Mother Son Country wedding songs: Some popular options for this category include – Heart to Heart - Toby Keith, Wish For You - Faith Hill
• Mother Son Christian wedding songs: It brings out the Christian traditions. Popular examples of these are A Smile Like Yours - Natalie Cole, The Perfect Fan - Backstreet Boys and You Needed Me -Anne Murray
• Mother Son wedding rock songs: Old Time Rock and Roll - Beatles

Tips for selecting the Mother and Son Wedding Songs

These songs are played when the groom and his mother dance at the wedding. Steps to choose popular wedding songs for the mother and her son are enlisted below

• Start planning for the Mother Son wedding dance in advance
• Firstly, make a list of the popular Mother Son Wedding Songs that is available online
• Discuss with your DJ about the most the rated and appropriate songs that can be used for the Mother Son Dance
• While selecting the song, take into consideration the personal likings of the mother as well
• Listen as well as read the lyrics if available in advance and then select the song
• After selecting the song, practice it with your mom
• You can also write your own songs for the occasion

Here is a list of Most Popular Mother Son Wedding Songs:

• A Song for Mama - Boyz II Men
• In My Life - Beatles
• Hero - Mariah Carey
• Memories - Elvis Presley
• Forever Young - Alphaville
• Have I told You lately - Rod Stewart

In order to create the mood and atmosphere for the mother son wedding dance, popular wedding song for mother and son are essential. They provide a unique zest and grandeur to the wedding ceremony. These wedding songs also depend on the latest trends, likes, and dislikes of the couple.