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Add a Personal Touch with Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

One of the most common questions asked by brides and grooms when planning their wedding is "How can we make our wedding unique?” If you want to make your wedding memorable rather than just like everyone else's wedding, you just need to personalize it! Most guests won’t remember their chicken cordon bleu, but they will remember the personal touches that make your wedding distinct.

The ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake is always a highlight of the reception, and you can make this moment even more special with a wedding cake topper that reflects the bride and groom’s personal look and style.

Here are some great ideas for adding a more personal touch to your wedding cake:

Share your interests as a couple:
There are many wedding cake toppers available with themes that can display a common interest that you have as a couple, including sports themes such as baseball, hockey, fishing, skiing, football, golf, soccer, motorcycles and more!

Share how you met:
Many couples have a romantic or fun story of how they met. Maybe you met at a baseball game or at a Western bar? Why not use a baseball themed or western themed wedding cake topper? Did you meet at the beach? Choose a barefoot couple lounging on the sand beach theme cake topper. There is a wide range of wedding cake toppers that cater to many different scenarios.

Embrace your Heritage:
We’re not all blonde haired and blue eyed, so why should your cake topper look that way? We have many ethnic and culturally diverse bride and groom cake toppers now available to depict you and your husband or wife exactly the way you want to be portrayed.

Add some fun with Comical or Novelty Wedding Cake Toppers:
Liven up your wedding cake with a comical cake topper that pokes fun at yourselves. Obsessed with technology? Go with a couple talking on cell phones! Were you dating a long time before the wedding? Choose a funny cake topper with the bride dragging the groom to the altar. Whatever you choose, remember it’s all in good fun!

Mix and Match:
Not every couple is exactly alike. Wedding cake toppers sold as a couple generally are not suitable for most couples. With mix and match figurines you customize the look of your wedding cake topper to create a custom pairing that reflects your unique ethnic blend or pairing. Some options for you to create include curvy brides, burly grooms and multi-racial couples.

Traditional cake toppers aren’t always suitable for every wedding. Many more brides are opting for something different from the traditional bride and groom cake topper. Some couples tying the knot choose an expecting bride figurine, or for a personal touch, monogram cake toppers with the first initials of the bride and groom’s names. Many cake toppers also feature animal couples such as a pair of doves. Or you could go for a modern sculpture to top your cake.

Wedding cake toppers aren’t just for cakes. They can go on top of cupcake towers or serve as the perfect decoration for your guestbook table! Regardless of where your wedding cake topper goes, it will be sure to infuse your special day with distinctive personality, and serve as a wonderful memento of your wedding for many years to come.

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