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The Importance of a Wedding Song

Wedding SongThe thing about weddings is, they are meant to be a celebration. The union of two different souls as they embark on a journey together. It is for this very reason that weddings are required to be as festive as possible.

That is where dances come into play. Usually, when a girl dreams of a wedding, she fantasizes about her wedding dance the most. What kind of wedding songs would be the most appropriate, how the dance will go et cetera, are some of the thoughts which keep occuring in a girl's head.

The Significance of A Wedding Song (How to Pick a Wedding Song)

A wedding songs holds immense importance for the wedded couple. After all, these songs will hold immense value for the couple and their relationship. Later on, when you hear the song playing somewhere in the background, you will immediately be reminded of your special wedding day.

When it comes to picking the perfect wedding song, you need to make sure that your song selection reflects your personality in one way or the other. You need to connect with the song and the artist performing the song in order to pick it as your wedding song choice.

The various factors which decide the choice of a wedding song-

There are different ways in which one could pick a song for the first dance of the couple. First dance wedding songs which be romantic and mean a lot to both members of the couple. A first dance wedding songs could be chosen for one of the following reasons-

  • It was playing in the background when the couple first met
  • It just so happens to be a song which the couple loves a great deal
  • It is by the favorite band or artist of the couple
  • There is a special, unique sentiment attached to the song because it means something really special for the couple
  • It is appropriate and respectful to the wedding and its guests, as the first dance selection may make or break the festivites

When it comes to mother son wedding songs or father daughter wedding songs, that is, songs which the parent and child dance to together, one needs to ascertain that these songs are not “squicky” (completely inappropriate for a parent and child dance). In order to make sure that this is not the case, go for song lyrics which just profess love, respect and pride for each other and nothing creepy like “nothing pulling the two of you apart”. Stick to classy, proper lyrics. Whereas the first dance may not always last for the entire song, parent child dances do as they are usually the last dances in the programme and hold a lot of emotional heft, especially the bride's dance with the father of the bride.

It is for all these reasons that the importance of a wedding song should not be undervalued in the least. Here's wishing you a wonderful wedding dance.

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