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Wedding Songs

Picking the popular wedding music for a grand wedding also plays an important role in the wedding planning. The popularity of the father daughter wedding songs is very prominently seen since the start of the recorded history. Though the genre and the form of the music in each wedding is often quite different, the respective popular wedding songs are still present and the emotions that these songs bring up last for very long, no matter when or where the wedding had taken place.

The wedding songs are supposed to be picked according to the theme of your wedding, as well as the atmosphere you want to create in the wedding whether it be the first dance of the couple or the father daughter dance. There are various ceremonies and wedding related event that call for a different set of popular wedding songs. The wedding ceremony, the introduction of the wedding party, the cake cutting ceremony, the bouquet toss, the different dances and many such events are included in the wedding ceremony itself.

According to the different events in the wedding ceremony, the wedding songs can be instrumental or also some vocal popular wedding song. Some weddings songs are slow and emotional and some have fast beats in them. Most couples choose the songs in their play list which are special to them, especially during their first dance.

There are plenty of popular wedding songs to choose from so that each couple’s wedding is made unique and special. The only problem that every couple faces in choosing the best songs is going through the songs available. There are various books which can help you choose best and popular wedding songs. You can also get ample of help through the net for choosing these songs.

Here are tips on choosing the top wedding songs for your wedding:
• While you are going through the various wedding songs, make sure you hear the whole song or at least read the full lyrics before you choose your song. Do not make the mistake of choosing the songs based on their titles, as many titles may suggest that the song is a love track, but it might turn out to be a song on break up.
• If you are going for a song which is not conventional or is not really related to weddings, you can briefly explain why this song was chosen for the wedding ceremony and its significance in the wedding.
• While choosing songs for your wedding you could consider the classic songs. You will be able to find the most interesting love songs ever written among the old songs.
• Avoid choosing certain songs that cannot be played in a crowd of mixed ages and the extended family members. Majority of rap songs contain excessive profanity in the lyrics and you wouldn’t want your grandparents or aunts to listen to songs which suggest stealing cars, blowing someone away, or smacking women around in your wedding ceremony. Make it clear with the DJ or band that such songs should not be played no matter how many times the friends request for them.

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